school_lunchThe key to a great kid sandwich recipe is to think like a kid and try to remember what kind of sandwich you would’ve wanted for lunch as a kid. Here are a few sandwich recipe ideas to help accommodate your kid while still providing proper nutrition.

Sandwich Alternatives Kids Love
Instead of reaching for the Wonder Bread, appeal to the fun side of childhood. Opt for multi-grained bagels, pita breads, crackers, tortillas or buns. As a fun twist to the old peanut butter and jelly sandwich try using toaster waffles, banana breads or cinnamon raisin bread.

Finger Sandwiches for Little Fingers
Children are notorious for eating part of a sandwich and throwing the rest away. Instead of making a sandwich big enough to feed a man, try making finger sandwiches. Make sandwiches with once piece of bread cut into two halves. Then cut those into two squares. You can also make a whole sandwich; cut it into 4 equal pieces, pack two squares and store the rest for the next day’s school lunch. For variety make two half-sandwiches that are different, for example make one ham and cheese and the other chicken salad.

When it comes to a PB&J sandwich the sky is the limit. Use different jellies, jams, fruits or marshmallow cream to add variety. Rather than jelly, try using real fruit such as apples or bananas for a healthy alternative.

To save time on cutting bread, try using cocktail breads such as rye or sourdough. You’ll know which sandwich they like best by which ones don’t get eaten.

Try Spreads or Dips
Some people have no taste for Miracle Whip, Mayonnaise or French’s Mustard but that should not keep you from coming up with delicious sandwich recipes. Spreads and dips can be a healthy alternative. Give an old sandwich new zing by using French Onion Dip with sliced chicken, Jalapeño Artichoke Dip with roast beef or Kraft’s Philadelphia Garden Vegetable Cream Cheese with turkey and smoked cheddar on pita bread.

Build Your Own Sandwich
There are unknown amounts of sandwich ideas for kids and while these are fantastic, one thing kids love is building their own sandwich. Give your kids a variety of crackers, cheeses, meats and vegetables. Cut the ingredients the same size as the crackers so that your kid can mix and match and layer as they please. Provide them with a few different dipping sauces and spreads. Forget buying Lunchables because you are limited to their selection. By using your own ingredients there is no limit to the sandwich building.

Baked Sandwich Recipes
One of the problems with lunchbox sandwiches is that bread tends to get soggy. To avoid soggy bread try baking your sandwich Quizno style. Opt for hoagie rolls, spread a little olive oil or butter on it and bake it. When wrapped in tin foil the bread stays warm, slightly moist but doesn’t get soggy.

Go Breadless
Instead of slapping meat and cheese between 2 slices of bread try Romaine Lettuce leaves, kale or cabbage and wrap around the filling. Use the meat itself to wrap around cheese and toppings and secure with a toothpick. Better yet, cut up all the meats, cheese and vegetables into cubes, push onto small skewers and give them a shish kabob.

A sandwich is just a sandwich until you add some creativity. Think like a kid, eat like a kid and your kid will enjoy eating what you put in their lunchbox.